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Summer 2018

Potato Famine

You can purchase the DVD of our exhibition above.

This DVD will work anywhere in the world and will make a wonderful gift for a family member or loved one.

The Irish Potato Famine is also referred to as The Great Hunger

It resulted in a massive loss of life and created a tradition of Irish Emigration that lasted to modern times.

We look forward to bringing our Famine exhibition back to the Stephen's Green Shopping Centre, Dublin in 2018.

The exhibition will run from May 14th to September 30th 2018.

If you have an interest in Irish History then we promise that this will be one of the best things to do in dublin this summer.

We will be located on the top floor, above the food hall, with the nearest entrance being the main entrance on the green (at the top of Grafton Street).

The quickest way to get to us is via the elevator on the right hand side after you enter the centre. We are located on the second floor.

If you would like to look at reviews from last year, please go to Tripadvisor and search for 'The Irish Potato Famine' or simply click on the TripAdvisor banner on the top of this page.

If you visited us last year, we would be very grateful for a review from you.

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Famine Dublin

Irish Famine Coffin Carrier


Heart touching!
A nice exposition about the dramatic event that took place in the 19th century that moved me and sensitized me.

Regis T

A moving and well-balanced account of the famine
A logical, thorough and well-organised education on the Irish potato famine.
The short film was poignant, evocative and brought the history to life. A real tragedy
that this exhibition is not permanent as it is such a devastating and important part of Irish history.


So Poignant
My mom really wanted to see this so I went along and I'm so glad I did. I knew a bit about the
potato famine but very few details. While the exhibit isn't flashy or very eye catching when you walk in,
the history and information on display is incredible. I went on quite a few tours while in Dublin but didn't
learn as much anywhere else. The story is shocking and sad but is something that should definitely be told.
It took about an hour to read everything and watch the brief video, and the man working at the desk was more
than happy to talk to us more and give us even more information. I would recommend this to anyone.

Lisa R

Irish Potato Famine Exhibition

Top Floor.

Stephen's Green Shopping Centre,
Dublin, Ireland

May 14th to Sept 30th 2018

Mon - Sun, 12pm - 6pm
Last Entry 5:15pm

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