Kinsale Workhouse Register 1847

Kinsale Workhouse Register 1847

Registry of Admittance and Discharge

Above is a double page Register, from March 1847, at the Kinsale Union Workhouse. It details people who entered and left the workhouse. It gives a fascinating snapshot into what was going on as starvation and disease reached it's peak.

Workhouse Registry March 1847

Entries for March 1847 (Left page of a double page)

Kinsale Workhouse Register

(Right page of the double page)

From the images above, you can observe details such as:

a) The first entry is for Michael Barrett, age 13, an Orphan, a Roman Catholic, is denoted as being Healthy.

It is noted that he is Badly Clothed. He entered the workhouse on March 29th and left October 25th.

c) A Family (John and Jude Griffin, and son John age 7) also enter on March 29th.

A week later it is marked (extreme right of Right page) that John age 7 dies on April 5th. The parents left the workhouse on April 9th.

 Irish Famine Museum Workhouse Register

Famine Museum Exhibit

As we move through the page we can note that:

a) Ellen Sullivan, a 28 year old servant enters with her 4 year old son James. She is marked Able but he is marked as being Sick.

James dies on April 27th and Ellen leaves on August 28th.

b) Cornelius Collins, a Widower enters on March 30th with 3 members of his family. All of them leave shortly afterwards on April 1st.

Famine Museum Dublin

 National Famine Museum Ireland

Towards the end of this page, we can note that an increasing number of people of are dying in the workhouse. If they were healthy upon entering, they were at increased risk of picking up a contagious disease inside.